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Petition for Degrees

   Many men do not understand the process of acquiring membership in a Masonic Lodge. No one is ever invited to become a Mason or to join a Masonic Lodge. Though all morally good men would be welcome in any Masonic Lodge, the man himself must first ask some Mason about becoming a member. Once he has done so, the requested Mason will secure an application blank, called by our Lodges a petition, and he has taken the first step. He must have two Masons who know him sign his petition, vouching for his character and qualifications. He must also receive unanimous ballot of the members of the Lodge to which he applies for the degrees, who are present when his petition is voted on.

   Having passed this ballot, the candidate receives the first of three degrees which make up the symbolic or Craft Lodge. This is designated The Degree of Entered Apprentice. The second degree is designated The Degree of Fellow Craft and the third as the Degree of Master Mason. Each Degree is a separate entity and one is always an Entered Apprentice when he sits in a Lodge on the First Degree of Masonry, no matter what his Masonic status may be. Each of these degrees has certain rights and privileges but all of the rights and privileges are attained only after the candidate has received the Degree of Master Mason.

   After he has received each of the degrees, the candidate must commit to memory a catechism covering the degree received. He must be examined in open Lodge and prove his right to be advanced thereby. This serves a useful purpose, for it assures the Fraternity that each will know himself to be a Mason and be able to recognize others as members of the Craft by their manner of speaking. He will be enable by such knowledge to visit other Lodges where he is not known and must be examined to prove his right to be admitted.

   To begin your journey you must first seek out an active Mason within the lodge you wish to attend. Next, having thoroughly reviewed and completed a petition, he will be in contact with you shortly.

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